No Smoking at the Movies

19 f-words, 31 s-words, 2 derogatory words for female; Judeo-Christian deity name used as profanity; woman beaten with spade; bloody nipple, abduction, impaling, graphic explosion, scattered child body parts. Smoking: None.

Horse beaten senselessly, infant burned, implied sex, depression, graphic suicide. Smoking: Mild.

1 f-word, 12 s-words, breast insulted (2); male and female genitalia treated with revulsion, female wears blouse of thin fabric and sunset outlines breast beneath; all violence played for laughs: goofy snake bites man (2), cat(s)-o-nine tails applied to woman’s back (real cats), nuns crushed to death by Prius (5), concert pianist’s arm accidentally severed (2). Smoking: None.

11 f-words, 10 s-words,  Judeo-Christian deity name as exclamation; sex talk scene, explicit male rear nudity, indistinct female frontal nudity; scene of human, werewolf and pet deaths (30+): werewolf set afire/pierced with pokers/shot/run over; dog, cat and bird killed/mutilated, baby monkey taunted cruelly. Smoking: None.

1 f-word, 6 mild sex words, 1 b-tch, 8 Islamic deity name as exclamation; scenes with talk of sex (9); husband/wife choked/hit with bottle/teeth yanked out, children horrified and brokenhearted,   implied intentional fire deaths. Smoking: None.

44 f-words, 13 s-words, 4 curses most people’s mothers abbreviate or spell out, slang word for drooling over breast, uncircumcised penis described with distaste, 6 Norse deity names as exclamation; woman fondled; exploding arrow death, knife plunged into flesh (3), gun wound,   train explodes with 253 deaths; implied rape, attempted rape, date rape, felony sexual abuse of minor, torture scene, numerous fights. Smoking: Moderate.