XtraTuf Boots

(Sung to the tune of  “Jingle Bell Rock”)


XtraTuf, XtraTuf, XtraTuf boots,

Footwear of choice of Sitka galoots.

Neoprene-coated and shiny and spry,

On them you’ll rely.


If your calf’s thin,

You just step in

And keep that damp at bay.


If your calf’s fat,

Well then, that’s that.

You’ll have to keep ‘em dry another way.


Roll ‘em down, slice ‘em up

‘ccording to taste.

They work as slippers, too.


They are ubiquitous.

Hope they aren’t quittin’ us.

That’s the XtraTuf —

They are really skookum stuff —

That’s the XtraTuf boots.